Things Staff Pest Control Training Can Help With

Ramon Ramirez March 12, 2020 0 Comments

Pest Control When it comes to waging the pest control battle, your hotel staff is on the frontline. With proper training and knowledge, your hotel team can alert management and your commercial pest control provider to the presence of actual pests and to signs that they may be lurking nearby. A staff well-educated in pest control basics can also implement preventative measures that can help keep pests at bay.

Pest Control

A good time to offer hotel pest control training is during the new employee onboarding process. Teaching new employees how to spot pests and how to respond when a pest sighting occurs can help minimize pest problems as well as create a proactive, responsive atmosphere at your hotel.


Help Your Hotel Stay in Compliance

Especially if your property offers food service or has a restaurant, pest control professionals can train hotel staff on local, state and federal regulations as well as health code guidelines that apply to pests. Training your hotel team members about these standards can also help them understand why pest control is so important.

Improve Guest Relations

The best-case scenario is that guests never see a pest in your hotel. If they do, you want your staff to know how to handle the problem swiftly and professionally, so guests feel reassured that the problem will be dealt with correctly and their stays won’t be further affected.

Help Spot Infestations in the Early Stages

Some types of pests, such as cockroaches, mosquitoes and bed bugs, can establish large, hard-to-control infestations surprisingly quickly. When workers know how to recognize early pest signs and are trained in preventative measures, your hotel wins a big advantage in the fight against invasions.

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Improve Productivity

Pest infestations can disrupt hotel schedules and efficiency. Some pests can also cause damage to structures, products and equipment, which can be time-consuming to repair and cause service interruptions. Knowing signs to watch for and what steps to take to prevent pests can help hotel employees work smarter, not harder.

Help Prevent Infestations From Spreading

If your hotel does develop a pest problem, it’s vital to stop the issue before pests migrate to other rooms or public areas. A properly-trained workforce can help you halt pest infestations for minimal impact on guests and service.

Provide Useful Information

While your commercial pest control provider should conduct regular inspections, having trained eyes on your property 24/7 can offer important clues to technicians about potential pest activity. Working in partnership with your pest control provider creates the best opportunity for success.

Help Keep Rooms In Service

Pest infestations can take affected rooms out of service while they are being inspected and treated. This can affect your financial goals and your bottom line if revenue is lost as a result.

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Help Staff Understand the Importance of Pest Control

With training, your team members learn how infestations can potentially be harmful to guests and for your hotel. When they understand the sometimes serious repercussions that pests can have, workers may be more likely to make prevention a priority.