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How to help get rid of Cockroaches in the kitchen

kitchen it’s the last place we want to see one of these pests. That’s because kitchens are where we store and prepare our food, and cockroaches are not the cleanest insects on the planet. They’ll eat virtually anything, including feces, and they live near garbage, in sewers and in drains, meaning they can come into […]

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Dryer Sheets for Mosquitoes | Do they Work?

Are you considering using dryer sheets for mosquitoes? Think again. These popular home products might help give your clothes a good clean, but they are not labeled for mosquito control and have not be tested for safety when used in this manner. Many people believe that dryer sheets repel mosquitoes due to temporary success. While […]

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How to Positively Identify Opossum Tracks

Opossum tracks are easily recognizable. Each foot has five toes and their opposable thumb makes for a unique print that resembles a human thumb. If an opossum is on your property you will likely see tracks along deck railings, downspouts, trees, and other structures. Opossums will use these areas to gain entry to your home […]

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Common Signs of Bed bugs Infestation in Homes

Bed bugs are known as the silent killers that feed on human blood. Bed bugs are tiny and nasty critters that are hard to detect. Most of the people don’t have any idea, that they are sharing their home with these tiny critters. Bed bugs generally hide under mattresses, underneath the furniture, under the bed […]