Ramon Ramirez August 8, 2020 0 Comments

How To Prevent Wasps From Moving In Summer

From backyard barbecues to patio parties, the beginning of summer marks a season full of outdoor celebrations with your friends and family. Whether you’re cooking up something delicious on the grill or sipping on an ice-cold drink, enjoying your time in the summer sun is no fun when wicked wasps try to crash your party! […]

Ramon Ramirez September 25, 2019 0 Comments

Flies 101: Different Types of Flies and the Threats

A Guide to Identifying and Preventing Various Fly Species Flies 101 are a common pest around the world – with more than 120,000 kinds of flies found globally, and 18,000 of those found throughout North America. Although flies have short lifespans, they are able to quickly reproduce in large numbers and are also capable of spreading […]