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Every Other Month Versus Monthly Pest Control Services

The standard for residential pest control services, up until recently, always included monthly applications. In recent years, many pest control companies, and homeowners, are rethinking that standard. Additional knowledge in application methods, combined with a variety of new, more eco-friendly chemicals, is moving the standard towards every other month applications. Depending on region of the […]

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Advantages to Using Natural Pest Control

Many people are dealing with bed bug infestations. Over the past decade, they have been making their way into urban and suburban areas. The problem has gotten so bad that even high end hotels and businesses need to call in exterminators to prevent infestations. Most exterminators use toxic sprays to remove bed bugs. While this […]

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Pest Control Specialists Can Prevent Skin Irritation, Embarrassment, and Sleepless Nights

Pest control professionals are widely known for tackling the issue of unwanted insects. Although many of the bugs that enter into people’s homes and businesses are harmless, they are still understandably unwelcome. There are some people, however, who choose to handle the situation on their own with the use of different types of insect spray […]

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Automatic Pest Control System – Is There Such a Thing?

We all know what ‘automatic’ means – the ability to operate independently. An automatic car wash or a sprinkler (irrigation) system both come to mind as examples. ‘Pest Control’ is defined as the act of controlling pests. Typically, pest control is a service provided by pesticide professionals who come to your property and spray chemicals. […]

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Getting Rid of Centipedes – Why Using Boric Acid is a Mistake!

You’ve got centipedes in your house and now all you can think of is getting rid of those centipedes! One of the tried and true solutions for bugs of many kinds is boric acid, but it will not cure you of your centipede problem. What is Boric acid? It is the original pesticide you probably […]

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5 Non-Lethal Ways to Deter Chipmunks

Though it may be hard to believe, chipmunks can become little terrors to your garden or lawn. Research indicates that the main reason chipmunks will bother our bulbs and new plantings is because they detect the human smell and consider it an invasion of their territory. If you spend many hours each week perfecting your […]

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All About Black Widow Spiders

The Black Widow spider is by far the most venomous species of animal within the United States and a single bite has the potential to kill a human being within hours. Only mature females actually carry venom, males and juveniles of both sexes pose no danger to humans. Their lethal blends of neurotoxins reap havoc […]

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A Few Natural Fast Acting Remedies For Mosquito Bites

People will need some type of mosquito bite treatment to be able to relieve the signs and symptoms that come about. A mosquito nip generally leads to inflammation and minimal area irritation about the mosquito attack site. Itchiness can also be quite typical and has a tendency to last more as opposed to inflammation, which […]

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Are Brown Recluse Spiders Hiding in Your Home?

How much do you know about the brown recluse spider? How reclusive are they, do you think? Let me be totally honest about that title question up there. Brown recluse spiders don’t hide from us anymore. They’re rather brazen these days, and weave their webs right out in the open. Back when I first started […]

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Need Help With Bed Bug Elimination? 8 Tips You Can Use Today to Eliminate Your Bed Bug Problem!

Bed Bug elimination has often been referred to in context as “Don’t let the bed bugs, bite.” Well, for many, this statement is true and frightening. Before going further, a description of a bed bug is needed. A bed bug that is a mature adult is about one-quarter of an inch in size. Because they […]