Here’s What A Reputable Raccoon Removal Service Looks Like

Ramon Ramirez May 7, 2019 0 Comments

Raccoons are not just highly destructive, they are very clever. Smart animals, like coons, are prone to causing more damage and destruction than not-so-smart ones. In addition to their human-like paws that can open and pry just like ours, these attributes make them a triple threat to our residential and commercial properties.

For this reason, choosing a quality wildlife control company is imperative. There is a right way and a wrong way to get rid of a nuisance raccoon problem, and the right way takes years of hands-on experience, innovative industry equipment, and much more. Continue reading to learn what to expect from a truly reputable raccoon removal service when you call them for help.

A reputable and professional raccoon removal company will provide comprehensive inspections, wild animal proofing, preventative maintenance, wildlife cleanup and restoration, dead animal removal, 24 hour emergency service, integrated pest management solutions, abandoned animal rescue, post service checkups, and even free estimates and advice.

Here’s an example of what to expect when you hire a reputable service:

Initial Call and Inspection

When you first reach out to a reputable company, they answer you with a friendly greeting and eagerness to help. From there, they will listen to you explain your current situation and concerns, and then ask you a series of basic questions to get a better understanding of your problem. Next, they will provide you with options on how to move forward. If you request a quote, they can give you a rough estimate over the phone; but the most accurate estimates are provided following an on-site inspection, which the friendly phone attendant should suggest and set up after giving you a rough estimate.

Once you have your initial on-site inspection scheduled, you can expect the professionals to arrive on time, neatly dressed, and fully-equipped to work. They will proceed with a meticulous and concentrated approach to accurately identify the type of nuisance wildlife and locate their entry and exit points. Following a comprehensive inspection, the specialists will give you a detailed written estimate outlining all of the recommended courses of action for your wildlife problem. If you choose to do business with them, the next step is extraction.

Raccoon Extraction

After identifying and locating the problem, the professional wildlife specialists will implement a safe, humane, and non-lethal process of extraction. They may use different strategies and equipment depending on the area of the house and the number of raccoons, such as live traps, artificial hormones, state of the art luminosities, and automated static noise devices. Once the animals are extracted, they are later relocated to a faraway habitat where they can live out the rest of their lives in peace. After the specialists have finished the removal process, there is still a mess to clean up, and they provide a service for that too.

Raccoon Cleanup and Restoration

Raccoons leave huge messes behind, including structural damage to the area they occupied during their stay. Their urine and droppings are toxic and unhygienic; plus they soil everything in sight, including walls, ceilings, insulation, and more. The raccoon removal and control company will safely implement full-service cleaning and restoration, including decontamination, deodorization, structural repairs, and integrated pest management solutions for insects left behind, and more. This step also includes raccoon-proofing using various high-quality materials, like heavy gauge galvanized steel mesh screening, industrial caulking, and high-density polyurethane foam. Some companies can perform home owners’ insurance work, too.

Post Service Check Ups

A good company will be sure to follow up with post-visit calls and on-site checkups to ensure the work they’ve done is remaining on course. They will gladly provide free advice and recommendations for future nuisance wildlife prevention, too.

Source by Sarahbeth Kluzinski