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5 Little-Known Facts About Mosquitoes

Little It’s that time of the year again – temperatures are rising and everyone’s least favorite pest is on the prowl: the mosquito. Learn more about springtime’s least-lovable insect and go on the offensive before this year’s invasion. The more you know, the more you can protect yourself against bites. For example, did you know… […]

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How to Handle Damages Caused by Water

Water No one ever plans for any disaster to happen. There is even more truth to the fact that no one is ever sure of what time or day disaster is going to happen. For this reason, it gets tough to know what to do when it comes to handling the disaster. The best part […]

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Things to Know About Household Bugs

Bugs presence causes disgust and discomfort. Besides, entomophobia, the excessive fear of insects, is a real condition. We somehow have evolved to hate and avoid any creatures that have more than four legs. Cats and dogs are cute, and that trait is widely acceptable, while spiders and millipedes are fearsome. Only very few people grow […]

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Areas to Check When Conducting Pest Prevention

Pest infestation is a common problem in homes. Without a clean environment, your home will be a habitat for pests. However, you can end the problem today by adding the issue to your resolution program this year. Make a reminder of checking target areas for pest frequently. You cannot give them a particular period. Visiting […]

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Choose Non-Eco Friendly Pest Control Methods

Pest Control Regular pest control is an absolute necessity for the health and wellness of people and property. However, these treatments can be quite toxic to non-targets. No matter how thorough you are with your cleaning, if you do face an issue with an infestation, its always better to opt for an eco-friendly or natural […]

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Pests in the Pool? Here’s How to Get Rid of Them

Pool Humans aren’t the only creatures who love pools. Ants, thrips, gnats and mites are also drawn to water, albeit for different reasons than us. Most insects seek out damp areas to lay their eggs. Others prey on those eggs and the newly-hatched larva they produce. A Bevy of Bugs In addition to primarily landlubber […]

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5 Tips To Consider During Renovation of A Home

Renovation Experts suggest that clients spend time reading home decor and architecture magazines, watching design shows and scrolling through websites to understand their taste. For example, it’s not enough to just say you want a new kitchen, you have to know what structural changes will be involved, specific of the finish of the countertops, what […]

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What Does It Take To Fully Eliminate Bed Bugs?

Bugs whether you’re up against a full-fledged infestation or simply trying to keep a small nest from spreading, fully eradicating bed bugs is a job best left to a professional. Here’s a look at everything it takes to get your home bed bug free, and why this is one task you likely won’t be able […]

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Pest Control in the Food Industry: What Not to Do

Food Although simple in theory, the problem is figuring out how to cut costs without detrimentally affecting customer experience, which could reduce sales and essentially negate the positive financial effects of your cost reduction measures. Buying non-perishable items in bulk or stocking up on generic cleaning products and other unbranded supplies, such as take-out containers […]

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Keep Pests Out of Your Bar

Unfortunately, flies aren’t the only pests attracted to bars and pubs, and they might even be the least worrisome even if they’re the most common. Fruit flies and house flies are regulars at just about every pub in town, but so are some far worse drinking companions, like cockroaches, wasps, rats and mice. Just because flies […]