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6 ways Keep Your Home Safe from Pests Storms

Home Safe Storms and hurricanes can cause devastating effects to homes across the country. That’s why it is important for homeowners to ensure their homes are prepped for the damaging effects of these natural disasters. While reinforcing windows and bunkering down ahead of extreme weather are top priorities, other risks (in the form of pests) […]

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Things to Do to Control Pests In Your Home

Almost every home runs with the problems of household pests. Some create great loss to property like termites can damage your wooden furniture, others can be just nuisance while there are some that can be really dangerous for your health as they can sting and cause diseases. This can really be harmful for your family, […]

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Tips for Preventing Pests in Your Apartment

Preventing Pests We all know the importance of pest control. It is very important to keep the pests away from your residential or commercial spaces. You know that pests can be very dangerous for your health as these are the carriers of diseases. They can bite and infect you, your kids and also your pets […]

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How to Get Rid of Common Monsoon Pests

Monsoon is a beautiful season and we Indians wait eagerly for this beautiful season because of the pleasant climate. It brings great relief after a tormenting summer but, at the same time it brings the monsoon pests too. This weather helps the insects and pests to create their breeding nests in your proximity. While you […]

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Common Signs of Bed bugs Infestation in Homes

Bed bugs are known as the silent killers that feed on human blood. Bed bugs are tiny and nasty critters that are hard to detect. Most of the people don’t have any idea, that they are sharing their home with these tiny critters. Bed bugs generally hide under mattresses, underneath the furniture, under the bed […]

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Top 5 pests in facilities management

Pests pose numerous threats to the functions of facility management businesses, from cleaning and catering to maintenance and utilities, waste management and staff welfare. The complex operation of facilities management requires specialist expertise in many disciplines to ensure smooth operation in all these areas. It also means there are many opportunities for pests to pose […]

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Top pests in restaurants and commercial kitchens

Restaurants, commercial kitchens and other businesses in the food service industry have a responsibility for protecting public health by preventing contamination of food and transmission of pest-borne diseases inside their premises. Additionally, food safety legislation mandates that food handling businesses exclude pests and prevent food contamination by taking effective measures. Aside from conflicting with food […]

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Every May, Lyme Disease Awareness Month takes center stage to inform homeowners about the dangers of this tick-borne condition. This summer, we’re partnering with celebrity designer Genevieve Gorder, who lives with Lyme disease, to raise awareness and support research for a cure. Ten percent of proceeds from all tick services during the months of May, […]

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Flies 101: Different Types of Flies and the Threats

A Guide to Identifying and Preventing Various Fly Species Flies 101 are a common pest around the world – with more than 120,000 kinds of flies found globally, and 18,000 of those found throughout North America. Although flies have short lifespans, they are able to quickly reproduce in large numbers and are also capable of spreading […]

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Pest control legislation for food processing facilities

Pest Control Legislation concerning pest control for food safety is generally found in several distinct areas, including various aspects of food safety itself, but also relates to environment and pesticides, health and safety, wildlife, agriculture and cruelty to animals. Legislation generally specifies broad requirements for pest control in the safe production of food. However, specific standards and […]