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Top 5 Pests Impacting Supermarkets

Pests There is simply not a single speck of doubt when we say that businesses that happen to be in the food industry face some grave threats from the different types of pets which can come from different sources. There are large stores which have a collection of different food products and the quantity is […]

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Top 5 Invasive Species Threatening Your Home

Invasive species cause damage to property and pose new threats to health. Invasive pests typically do not have any natural predators in the ecosystems. they enter through deliberate or negligent means, which enable their populations to grow quickly and rapidly in different regions of the country. Five pests that cause damage to the home: Brown […]

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Protecting Your Home From Formidable Termites

Termites are social insects that live in colonies, usually deep underground. Here in Evansville, the most common species of termite is the subterranean termite. These wood-hungry pests will build their nests beneath the ground near structures of wood. This could be anything from a rotting tree out in the forest to your garage or house. […]

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Bed Bugs Spread? 3 Ways They Move and Multiply

Spread Contrary to what you may think, bed bugs don’t have a preference between a spotless space or a filthy environment. As long as they have access to a food source, they can live anywhere, so claims that bed bugs are attracted to dirt and debris are simply unfounded. That being said, clutter does make […]

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Get Rid of Sparrows Around your Home

Home Getting rid of sparrows is a difficult task and may require a combination of methods to reduce their numbers. Sparrows are aggressive and social birds that are competitive by nature towards other native birds. This bird species prefers habitats modified by humans. How to get rid of house sparrows depends on how easily accessible […]

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Things Staff Pest Control Training Can Help With

Pest Control When it comes to waging the pest control battle, your hotel staff is on the frontline. With proper training and knowledge, your hotel team can alert management and your commercial pest control provider to the presence of actual pests and to signs that they may be lurking nearby. A staff well-educated in pest control […]

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How to Positively Identify Opossum Tracks

Opossum tracks are easily recognizable. Each foot has five toes and their opposable thumb makes for a unique print that resembles a human thumb. If an opossum is on your property you will likely see tracks along deck railings, downspouts, trees, and other structures. Opossums will use these areas to gain entry to your home […]

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How to Get Rid of Cockroaches in your Apartment

Cockroaches The stigma attached to them makes them the nemesis of all apartment dwellers. Seeing them inside an apartment can make people think you don’t take care of your home. While this isn’t true at all, cockroaches are quick, sneaky, adaptable and very difficult to get rid of, which is why it’s important to address […]

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Removing Bed Bugs: Plastic Bags May Not Help

If you’ve encountered bed bugs at home, during your travels or in public, you’re probably trying to figure out what to do next. If you’ve already searched for ways to safeguard yourself and your property against bed bugs, plastic bags and bins have likely come up as an option. But how should they be used? […]

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Bed Bug Vacuum Help Rid of your Infestation?

Vacuum There’s no such thing as a miracle cure when it comes to controlling bed bug infestations. Vacuum your floors, laundering bed linens on the hottest setting instructed by the manufacturer, and keep clutter to a minimum – they’re are all great steps to take in the fight towards prevention. But if you’re already facing […]